How Do You Motivate Yourself To Exercise?

How Do You Motivate Yourself To Exercise?

Motivate Yourself To Exercise

When is the best time to exercise? Today! However, if you don’t feel as motivated as you should be, it can be tough to get up when the couch can be very tempting. But if you want to be serious about losing weight, you cannot continue imagining you are eating those cheese curls as soon as you are down to your ideal weight. The classic of tips is to find yourself a workout partner and you can driver each other to get up and work out. Or you could set a deadline, base it on a social pressure, sign up for the running program. These tips do work, but you’ve heard them before. If they didn’t get you to start working out, what will?

Tip 1: Experience a good exercise and remember that.

Memory is one of the best ways to enhance exercise motivation. If you enjoyed the last exercise experience you had, you will be more likely to want to exercise again. Every time you think about not going, just remember the feeling you had when you submitted yourself to exercise. The more that you are prompted to remember, the more that you will want to exercise. Listening to music might help trigger the wanting to exercise again. Any of these songs can trigger good memories and while you are at it, you’d be reminded that exercise makes a lot of difference in one’s life.

Tip 2: Don’t go for exercise, instead be motivated to play sports

People get into sports not to lose weight. They get into it for the excitement and the fun that it brings. Not to mention that every game feels like a new adventure. When you compare these reasons to the reason why you are exercising, the focus is totally different. Exercise is focused on weight loss, appearance and even stress management. Be motivated to get into sports and focus on what makes you feel excited and happy. With these intrinsic motivations in mind, losing weight doesn’t have to be all that boring.

Tip 3: Don’t stand beside the fittest person in the gym.

They won’t inspire you. They will only make you feel like a real loser. Remind yourself that you enrolled in the gym, because you want to do something about your extra weight and not to look good even after hours working out. Some people may look perfect even after spending hours in the gym, but that’s not the goal. Your goal is to shed off the extra pounds that you have and not to look good. It is the good feeling that you get after working out that really matters. If your idea of a body image is to look good even after working out, then you’ve got serious issues you need to settle.
Get yourself motivated to exercise and there will be no day that you wouldn’t want to work out. Perhaps even after you have pulled down your weight to what you think is ideal, you’d be surprised that you still want to continue working out. By then, you would have fallen in love with exercise, just because it makes you happy.

Can You Lose Weight Without Working Out

Can You Lose Weight Without Working Out?

Did you know that you don’t need to go to the gym to do what aerobics make you do? It can be so easy. In fact, you must have done it at some point, but you never realized that it was already a form of working out. Do you remember the last time you had to walk down several isles in the grocery trying to find the brand of soap that your husband likes? Or when was the last time that you mowed your lawn? These are just some of the daily tasks that have always been a part of our routine that make us move. They may not be textbook workouts, but if you keep doing them, you could lose about 40lbs a year.
If you want to lose weight, you have to go the extra mile to get out of the couch and do some walking or running on your free time. Instead of going out to eat, you could save yourself a few calories if you choose to stay at home and cook yourself a great, healthy dish. But you can’t and that’s the reality. You would rather call pizza delivery service than spend hours in the kitchen cooking and miss out on your favourite television program.
Living a sedentary life like yours is the very reason why you are dealing with the extra weight now. The gradual shift from being active to being sedentary could cause you and your body more harm than you realize. The good thing is that you don’t have to worry about going back to the healthy, active lifestyle you used to have. You only need a couple of things to get you back in exercise shape again. So before you worry about not having enough funds to enrol yourself in the gym, here are a couple of daily activities that will make you work out minus the expenses of a trainer.

    • Be in control of your activities. If you used to hire someone to mow your lawn, then now might be the best time to walk around your lawn while mowing it. Intensity the physical activities that you do at home. Walk your dog, walk to the grocery, clean the garage and sort things out. All these are a few daily activities that could burn you a couple of pounds in the process.


    • Step it up. Did you know that climbing up and down the stairs can be like spending an hour in the treadmill? Because you are going against gravity, your body naturally has to carry all the extra weight and repeatedly doing it is burning all the calories that your body can no longer carry.


    • Your bags are your dumbbells. Instead of asking someone to carry or load your grocery bags for you, do it yourself. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to lift weights. Doing so will make you burn calories and build on muscle strength.


Working out doesn’t have to be as complicated as the gym exercises that you submit yourself too. Taking extra steps in your simple living can make a huge difference.

10 Quick Tips On How To Start Losing Weight

10 Quick Tips On How To Start Losing Weight

How To Start Losing Weight

Losing weight, they say, does not have to be difficult at all. It can be very challenging, but it doesn’t mean there is nothing you can about it. Weight loss shouldn’t be about self-deprivation or about eating just vegetables and fruits alone. How will you be able to get by with eating what makes you happy and still lose weight? The secret is to make the shift of all the good and healthy eating habits into routines instead of making them just small habit changes. When you know what is healthy for you, your weight loss will be continuous and perfect weight maintenance won’t be a challenge anymore.
You don’t have to force yourself to the to-do list that others have made for you. What worked for them might work for you, but this is not an absolute truth. Instead, you can have your own list of “rules” that pertain to good health habits and work your weight loss program around it. Perhaps the first step would always be about recognizing that you have a weight problem and spend time adjusting to the changes that you want to promote. The steps to changing to a healthier you do not have to be difficult at all. Here are ten quick tips on how to start losing weight. Pick the ones that can get you to start your own journey to a fitter, much healthier you.

    • Don’t skip eating real meals.
      Choosing to eat real healthy foods may be difficult in the beginning, but it can be very rewarding in the long run. In fact, letting go of “convenience” food wouldn’t be so challenging, especially when you recognize the healthy benefits that come with eating the right meals at the right time of the day.


    • Use dishes that are a size smaller than the usual.
      If you think this psychological trick wouldn’t work for you, just give it a try. If you feel deprived for eating only a cup of rice paired with your favourite dish, then put it is a smaller plate and that will make a whole lot of difference. You would no longer feel that you have so little.


    • Keep everything in proportion.
      You don’t feel like you are overeating even though you are, because you think everything that comes in a pack is good for one sitting. Take the time to read the labels for proper serving sizes. Don’t be fooled by the packaging. Always read the labels and discover that a pack may mean eating 3.5 times what you should be eating.


  • More water means less food intake.
    Water is one of the things that our body needs. Its effects on the body can be quite awesome. Although you may be used to drinking soda or iced tea and other high caloric drinks, you’d sure to glad to take the shift to just drinking water. It helps flush toxins out of your body as it cleanses the body in the process.

Getting to your ideal weight doesn’t have to be all that fabulous. All you need are these simple tips and you’ll be good to go.