Does It Matter If You Lose Inches Or Pounds?

Losing Inches Or Pounds

How does a person measure weight loss?Is it losing inches or loosing pounds/kilos? For those who are not adept in fitnessor a regulargym rat, it is easy to confuse one for the other. Shouldn’t a person lose all the fat stored in the tummy, waistline, hips and arms when they lose weight?
Therein lies the big difference.A person loses weight when the daily calorie consumption is less than what is burned.Simply put, when you go on a diet and eat less than usual but maintain the same routine or activity, there is a high chance that the number in your weighing scale will significantly drop after a period of time.However, with this success come the negative signs of fatigue, lack of energy,and mood swingswithout any guarantee of reducedfat contentin your body.On the other hand, you lose inches when you burn fat.

What is Fat?

Fat is described as a bulky substance with a lumpy appearance otherwise known as “flabby areas” that settlein the abdomen, waist, pelvis, thighs and arms.It makes a person look rounder and sometimes swollen because of the amount of space it takes up in the body. For those with a thick waistline, it only means increased visceral fatthat is hidden deep inside the abdomen and poses more trouble than subcutaneous fat located under the skin.

Visceral fat is said to heighten the risk of heart disease, breast cancer and asthma because of the molecules that it emits to the body. But not to worry, for this is an easier problem to deal with than subcutaneous fat.With the resolve to eat a healthy diet, a commitment to regular exercise and a conscious effort to reduce stress, you can say goodbye to the flabby tummy.

How to Burn Fat

Burning fat can be executed in different ways, naturally by exercising or artificially by cosmetically enhanced procedures. But the safest way to get rid of fat is through a series of exercises that will burn excess fat and build new muscles.These newly developed muscles are denser, leaner and smoothbut onlytake up half the space of where the fat used to lie.When this happens, you will notice decreasemeasurement in different areas of your body and will be rewarded with an egoboost when you are able to fit into a size smaller than your old clothing.

While you lose inches and your body gets leaner and stronger, there is a big chance that you either maintain the weight or get heavier. Muscle tissue is heavier than fatty tissue and when the muscles get toned, you start to gain lean muscle mass while lowering your body-fat percentage.
Losing the inches will actually slim you down and make you thinner without losing the weight in pounds/kilos. The scales may not move lower and possibly stay the same, but if you are eating healthy foods and exercising regularly, there isa positive effect in your body.A feeling of mental wellbeing and a surge of self-confidence are common signs of a fit person.At the end of the day, when you look at the mirror, you will see an obvious difference in your overall body shape and that should make you proud of all your hard work.